The Wardrobe Architect Week 13: Free Download & Giveaway from 110 Creations!



Today, we have a special treat for you from Beth of 110 Creations, creator of 110 Creations: A Sewist’s Notebook.

If you haven’t seen this book, it’s a wonderful little notebook designed to help you organize and plan your sewing projects. You can use it to sketch ideas, and make notes about details and supplies. So handy!



Beth has also just released a version for kids!

Today, as part of the Wardrobe Architect series, Beth is providing us with a free downloadable worksheet to help plan sewing projects.

She’s also offering two copies of A Sewist’s Notebook, one in the 8.5×11 inch size, and one in the 6×9 inch size.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us about your next sewing project. I’ll pick two winners at random. Enter by Saturday April 19th at midnight and I will pick two winners by random number generator. Good luck!

ETA: Congratulations to winners Shannon and Jamie, chosen by the random number generator!

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Lise Neely

I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my copy of the Collette Guide to Sewing Knits and the Moneta and Mabel patterns. I’m planning on making the Moneta dress with a ballet neckline and elbow-length sleeves.


This spring I am planning to purge my closet. My goals are to donate or recycle the pieces in my wardrobe that I no longer wear. Then, I want to work towards a completely handmade wardrobe. I might be halfway there but I want to tackle pants, jackets and coats. I have made plenty of dresses, skirts and blouses. However, pants and coats are more intimidating to me and I want to tackle that this spring and summer. I have fabric for a pair of Clover pants, so that might be my next project. Although, I just purchased the new knit book and the two new patterns, Moneta and Mabel, so pants might be on the back burner…..Ahhh, so little time!


I’ve been slowly revamping my work wardrobe. Up next is a summery hawthorn top!

Nancy Milgate

I’m sewing a shirt for my husband, and of course, a new romper for my grandson’s 1st birthday.


I’m making a Japanese style dress. If that goes well I’ll dive into more Japanese patterns and finally use the delicious European linen I have been saving.

Tara Daniels

I am making my mom a ponte knit top for our family vacation in June.


A wedding dress!

Élise Massy

I just buy Mabel and Moneta. One of these will be my first project this summer. I can’t wait to begin!


First of all, thank you so much for the Wardrobe Architect series. I haven’t 100% kept up with the assignments, but each one has pushed me to think more carefully about the clothes I look and feel best in which has already helped me shrink my closet and my stash by quite a bit. What remains are pieces that I actually wear and enjoy, with a few gaps that I’ll fill with some simple projects over the spring and summer.

My next make is either going to be a short-sleeved Coco dress or a simple a-line skirt from a vintage pattern. For both of them, the fabric was thrifted or gifted and has been sitting in my stash for a while, but are in colors I can see from Wardrobe Architect that I love wearing (gray, navy, and mustard). Colors that could be worn easily in summer with sandals, in fall with tights, in winter with boots. I’m so excited to make pieces that will work in any season or any weather!


I’m making a pair of red jeans for myself and a t-shirt for my husband.

Leah R.

My sewing machine needs to be serviced, but I do have a serger that I’ve never used, so I’m hoping to sew a Moneta with it!


My next project will be nightgowns for my granddaughters who live with me. I moved my sewing room when they moved in last year and I can sure use this to get reorganized! Thank you for the free download!

Sophie Blair

My next project is just generally really getting into making my own clothes I haven’t had much time while having a lot of school to worry about I’m leaving this year an I can’t wait to start. I am plannig to make a bright short sun dress and the pattern sat at my desk is really what is pushing me on to get through all this revision


Next, I’ll be sewing a color block shift dress.


I just ordered some fabric to make my boyfriend a Newcastle Cardigan from Thread Theory…but until it gets here I might make another Mabel or three. :)

Mary Anne

I am waiting for my Moneta pattern to arrive since I am going to make that for my backyard wedding reception this summer.


My next project will be a Laurel dress using fabric bought on a recent trip to West Africa.


I think it will be a scout T – I have this awesome cotton lawn with a triangle geometric pattern on it.


My next sewing project is finishing scarves then hopefully some fantastic knit pieces


I’m working on a dress right now — still doing my muslin!


Such a good idea for recording your inspirations and ideas! :) My next project (I hope!) will be a knit performance top – something sparkly to look good on stage, but not at all restrictive. (I’m a musician.)

Kristen F

I’m planning a new messenger bag that I call “The Day Tripper”. Yes, I love the Beatles and it is for long outings because it has a protective pocket for my large water bottle (water absorbent lining with a vinyl cover on the outside), a pocket for my camera, zipper pocket, and enough room for my 3-ring binder or sketchbooks. I’ll need it for the 26th so if I don’t have time I’ll add a pen/pencil pouch afterwards.
The shell will be interfaced corduroy and the lining will be coffee-themed cotton. Will have antique silver findings.


My next project is a playsuit from a 1950’s sewing pattern. I’ve even got vintage fabric and notions for this one, so I’m very excited!


My next project is a cotton jacquard skirt which will serve as a toile for a silk skirt as well as being a useful addition to my spring wardrobe. I’m using a French navy cotton jacquard fabric, the end of a roll so I’m having to cut very carefully to fit the pattern onto the amount.


As winter is approaching some long sleeved tops are next on the list. …


My next project is a dress for my sister to wear to job interviews since she’s graduating college next month!


My next project is a knit tunic…I have a beautiful grey wool and mohair mix and some lovely yellow daisy trim. So glad winter is on it’s way here in Oz.


My next sewing project is a summer top for myself out of a blue and white flowered voile. Excited!

Mimi O

I will be making some baby outfits for my niece who was born on April 12th. Looking forward to creating all sorts of projects for this sweet little girl…the perfect bundle of joy for Easter.


My next project is the Sorbetto top in a nice summery fabric.


My next project is to sew up [another] Tova with shorter sleeves and an elastic across the back for a more fitted shape. I have a great light peach cotton fabric with dark orange birds floating across it that will make the Tova a perfect spring top. I’m getting ready for warmer temperatures!!


Current Project – finishing drafting the perfect fitting pants pattern THEN with the ivory suiting purchased from – pants.


I’ve been in Vietnam for the last two weeks and bought some fabric in a crazy market in Hanoi, so next projects include a mermaid’s tail for my daughter, a casual shirt for my husband and son and a blouse or two for me.


I have a few things planned! A blue linen dress and a red dress with a heart shaped cut out at the back. I have a few days off coming up, which I’m planning on spending sewing. Can’t wait!

Alice Elliot

I have quite a few “next” sewing projects! I’m making shields and liners for Days for Girls organization, ongoing; have to create a lining for a pair of wool pants I’ve mistakenly made without. Then I have to make all new summer pants, seems all mine have “shrunk” since last summer! Skirts for my daughters-in-law, and 1 summer dress for myself.


my current projects are tops for the spring and summer


I need to finish a pair of jeans and a dress for my daughter, a pair of Jebediah pants for my partner, then really teach myself how to sew with knits – my first two efforts were not great. I’m slowly paying off an overlocker/serger and am excited to start producing practical wearable items for the whole family.

Fabric Tragic

What a great idea! I’m away this long weekend which means I get to cut out my next 4 projects! I think I’ll make up a chambray wearable toile version of a gorgeous 60’s vintage button down shirt first.


I purchased the 110 Creations Sewing Notebook through another sewing website. I love it along with the online sewing communities I’ve discovered through Coletterie and others! Thanks for all your hard work and talent. It shows.


I’m currently cutting my moneta dress pattern so excited.!!!!


Next up: a second Macaron. I made the first in fine fabrics for a wedding, now I got some fun printed cotton for a relaxed weekend dress. Very excited as the Macaron is such a perfect fit for me!


I have just begun working on a green plaid little jacket, but its a lot of fitting and drafting and matching plaids so I mix this project with som easy and quick ones.

Anne W

I’m planning a couple of spotty silk tops, unless I change my mind and make a vintage coat or a dress for one of my daughters instead! This little book looks like a great idea, I tend to keep things floating in my head, and then forget what I wanted. :)

Emily Hutchinson

I’m sewing the Cooper pattern from the kit. I love the waxed canvas!

Jowyn Jenson

My next sewing project is a small zakka style coin purse.


I am planning on making a couple quick summer skirts! Pretty, floaty, and airy is the ticket.

Erin Myone

Currently I am quilting a lot. But I do have a few other projects lined up, like a beautiful spring wrap dress.


I’m getting ready to sew up some duathlon shorts hopefully just in time for Fehr Trade’s spring race challenge.


Obviously, it’s going to be a Mabel :-)


I love linen casual dresses. I have ordered tango red linen from the and plan to use it to make the Linen Tunic Dress also from The Fabric Store. Can’t wait for summer!!!!!


I have soo many projects brewing right now- spring’s when I make the switch from knitting to sewing daydreams. Probably I’ll start with a small project, like a tote bag or new pouch, and step up from there to a dress for my own ‘wardrobe architect’ wardrobe!


My next project will be a simple and cute Sorbetto top as I ease back into sewing following finally finding a good way to treat my migraine condition :)

Tina Bury

My next project is a set if knit skirts and leggings for backpacking in Glacier National Park for two weeks this summer! All part of a travel wardrobe to outfit my 4 month camping trip out west. Planning a month of that time to be in the Pacific Northwest, any suggestions for great camping?


At the moment, I am sewing a duffle bag for a gift, a dress and a pencil skirt. I like to have several projects on the go. The small sewer’s notebook would be a big help in planning future projects!

Amber Mae

I need this! I’m just finished my first wrap dress and have a ton of notes for the next dresses. Plus, I want to tackle pants next and I’m sure notes will be a must!


First Communion dress


That would be a great way to organize my to do list !


Oops ! Forgot about my project ! I’m currently making a wrap top from Burda in a nice French fabric from France Duval Stalla. Sorry !


I’m currently refashioning a dress with leather patches and dye. But up next I’m going to make a dress from a beautiful black and white print.


I have to make another a-line skirt from a pattern I drafted. I bought the fabric a while ago and just have not gotten around to it!

Sarah sky

I’ll be sewing my summer swimsuit with the help of sewing with knits !!!


I am great list maker. I’d gladly buy one of these. I am making a knit top.

cynthia christie

My next sewing project will be a Spring skirt using Mabel, and it will be my first attempt at sewing knits! I’m thinking a B&W jacquard i just saw at the fabric store.


I have a Robson trench in blue with white polka dot wax coated linen underway right now. I’m going to follow it up with a papercut rigel bomber in crane print japanese cotton.


This notebook is such a great idea! I’m planning to make a Spring tunic with some vintage linen from my stash.

Rosey Huf

Wow! My next project is my bridesmaids dress for my sisters 1950s themed wedding this June! I’m planning to use my macaroon top and mash it with a butterick reproduction cocktail skirt and make a lace overlay. I’ve never made a formal dress before so wish me luck!!


This is a great idea! I am going to adapt a shirt dress for summer with cap sleeves and a light cotton lawn fabric.

The Lemming King

I’ll be sewing a few cambies with some tula pink quilting cotton (provided I figure out the fit on my muslin). Who doesn’t need some crazy patterned sun dresses for summer?


I think the next think I want to make is a matching tartan shorts and blazer combo. I love all the outfits in the film Clueless, especially Cher’s yellow tartan suit. I recently bought some blue tartan which needs to be put to good use if I ever get round to it!

anne jewell

i have fabric for a pink cotton nightgown for my sister-in-law.–anne

Jessica R

My aunt just gave me 2 metres of an amazing Liberty print, so I am planning a simple shift dress to really show off the pattern. It’s such precious fabric though, I’m scared to cut!


I’m currently on a quilting binge, but once I finish a jacket in progress, my next garment sewing is probably a silk Sorbetto top n


I’m teaching myself how to make hats and my next one is going to be a burgundy crushed velvet soft hat with a butterfly ornament.


I’m in the process of creating a ribbon jacket style cover using organza and silk ribbons. Found my inspiration from a ribbon capelet at a quilt show and one of my sweaters with pin tucks.

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