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    How to Create Raw-Edge Appliqué

    Appliqué is a simple way to elevate your sewing projects and add customizations without fiddling with pattern alterations. We recently shared some lovely appliqué inspiration here on the blog. This week, we made a Phoebe dress with delicate floral appliqués. Read on to see how the appliqué motif is created and applied, and learn some …

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    Understitching, edgestitching, and topstitching

    New sewists are often thrown tons of cryptic terminology when they begin sewing; at some point it sort of all sounds the same! I am here to solve the mystery of these three similar-sounding terms: edgestitching, topstitching, and understitching. First and foremost, say hello to your new best friend—the edgestitch foot. This little guy is …

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    Make a Rue Skirt

    This skirt has some serious style, a little bit of drama, and garnered a whole lot of compliments.

  • Inspiration

    Creative ways to sew stripes and plaids

    We’ve discovered a few issues with Rue that are currently being fixed. A corrected pattern will be available soon. Read more here. Stripes and plaids are iconic pattern designs that have the magic ability to bring a tinge of class to any outfit. When using striped or plaid fabrics for Rue, there are almost endless …

  • Fabric

    Sewing with Eyelet Fabric

    Eyelet is a classic summer fabric that is breezy, romantic, and delicate. Its name comes from the small patterned cut-outs that are typically finished with embroidered stitches throughout the body of the fabric. Eyelet is a broad term and describes the design of the fabric rather than its fiber content or weave. Traditionally, eyelet is …

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    Hong Kong Finish Tutorial

    A Hong Kong seam finish has to be one of my all time favorite seam finishes. This clean finish is a thoughtful detail that adds luxury to unlined or partially lined garments. This technique works beautifully with our new pattern coming December 8th. What is a Hong Kong finish? A Hong Kong finish is a …